What's on
In addition to the drinks there is always some form of entertainment going on in the evenings; from live music and Dj’s to a weekly folk session.
The music will range from Folk open mic nights to surprise gigs by some
of the countries leading artists. There is always something for
every genre taste.
There has been gigs by Norwegian band Los Plantronics, Memphis’ own James and The Ultrasounds, Bristol riff heavy Gonga,
 multi award winning Martin Simpson, 2015s BBC folk singer of the year Nancy Kerr, London’s Gypsy Hotel founder Paul Ronney - Angel, as well as many local stalwarts; including rockers Ulysses, rockabilly from The Cheaterslicks, garage punk from Dynamite Pussy Club and
Edsel Fury’s and Anarcho punk legends Citizen Fish.

Up coming events

Every Week:

January - 

Wednesday 5th - Traditional Irish session
Friday 7th - Pasha Finn & The Ellipsis
Wednesday 12th - Traditional Irish session
Friday 14th - The Real John Lewis
Wednesday 19th - Traditional Irish session
Friday 21st - The Shonky Trio Live
Wednesday 19th - Traditional Irish session
Friday 28th - The Worried

Traditional folk session every Wednesday 
All welcome 

The Royal Oak Cricket Team

The Oak has its very own cricket team,
everyone is welcome to join! For more information please follow link below.